March 2022

Hope 2022 is treating you well so far. Ottawa Centre has the privilege of hosting the Parliament Buildings, and as the past weeks have shown, that can also come with unfortunate side-effects. Our hearts go out to everyone who was impacted by the demonstrations and occupation, particularly to all our neighbours in Centretown. While this situation was very challenging, we have been inspired by the outpouring of community support, grassroots activism, and mutual aid that the residents of this city have responded with. You inspire us.

Skating Social - March 4 @ 5pm

It's still very much winter in the Capital, and we thought it would be appropriate to make use of this extended cold to have an outdoor get-together on the pride of Ottawa Centre - the Rideau Canal!

Join us for a leisurely skate & chat on Friday, March 4, starting at 5pm. We'll meet at Dows Lake, where you can rent skates if you need 'em, or glide down to the Bank St Bridge to pick up a hot chocolate.

All supporters, friends, and green-curious welcome! Send us an email or message on Facebook or Instagram if you have questions!

Artificial Intelligence Webinar - March 10 @ 8pm

Former Green candidate, engineer, climate activist, and author Wyatt Tessari L’Allié has partnered with us for a webinar on a very interesting topic: Artificial Intelligence.

From Wyatt:

Progress on artificial intelligence suggests it is on a course to reach human levels within 20 years. What does that mean for human labour, economics, the environment, and global power dynamics? Why would it be as big a transformation to our day-to-day lives as the advent of agriculture or the industrial revolution?

This presentation will provide an overview of where the science is at, where it's headed, the risks artificial general intelligence (AGI) entails, and the opportunities it presents.

I will be making the case that it is in fact "the biggest event in human history", and that it is essential

we address the politics and governance of this technology starting today.

More information can be found on the Facebook event, or if you want to avoid Meta, register here or add the event directly to your Google calendar.

Gearing Up For The Provincial Election

The Provincial Election is fast approaching! Are you interested in becoming our candidate? You have until March 16, 2022 to apply or nominate someone.

We’re also actively looking for campaign volunteers - we’d love to have you on board in whatever capacity you’re comfortable with. Register here.

No time? You can register for a lawn sign or donate.

Virtual General Meeting Phase 2

Green Party of Canada staff and volunteers from across the country are working hard planning Phase 2 of the Virtual General Meeting. Rumour has it that there will be an in-person event to kick off the weekend right here in Ottawa Centre! Keep an eye on your email for more info.

More information will also be posted here ( as it is available.

Annual General Meeting Recap

The Ottawa Centre Provincial and Federal Greens hosted our 2022 AGM virtually on January 24. There was a wonderful turnout. The new slate of executive officers were elected, we presented reports from the last year and plans for this, and we had the delight of hosting Elizabeth May for a Q&A.

All details from the AGM can be found here:

Tax Receipts

If you donated directly to Angela's Federal campaign (PayPal), your tax receipt should be out

Look for a message from Check spam folders - if you can't find it, email that address and we will sort out. Big thanks to Financial Agent Laura for all her hard work!

If you donated to the party through their website they are responsible for issuing receipts. All Federal receipts should have been issued and Provincial receipts are currently being processed.

Stay safe, and stay in touch,

Ottawa Centre Green Team

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