Ottawa Centre Green Party

Improving Municipal Elections

A Remedy For Developer Funded Politics

At the Oct. 28 - 29 GPO AGM in Toronto, our policy for improving municipal elections was approved by membership. We rejected the policy of tax credits for municipal elections and endorsed a principle proven effective in many U.S. jurisdictions:

1) discouraging large donations from corporate-connected individuals by allowing voters and journalists to "follow the money" during the election campaign

2) providing public funding for municipal elections to empower small donors

Elizabeth May and Jonathan Pedneault

Green Party Co-Leaders

Elizabeth May’s life is defined by one word: service. Service to community, country and planet. One of Canada’s best-known parliamentarians, she is a life-long environmentalist. From 2006 to 2019, she led the Green Party of Canada through four federal elections, including the breakthrough 2011 election in which she became Canada’s first elected Green. (from

The 32-year-old Pedneault, who is gay and biracial, has never run for elected office until now — a point that was occasionally raised by his competitors during the campaign. Pedneault is a former researcher for Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, and once worked with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s brother Alexandre Trudeau on a 2008 documentary about the humanitarian crisis in Darfur. (from Toronto Star)